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Class 1 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents and Pupils,

I hope that you all enjoyed the wonderful weather during the Easter Break and that you are all refreshed and ready for the summer term ahead.

During the Easter Holidays I had to have minor surgery on my right foot (similar to the operation I had on my left foot back in November 2019) and as a result I have to stay off my feet for a few more weeks! I am devastated not to be in school to start the summer term off with my lovely class but rest assured, I have planned and prepared all the lessons to be delivered. In my absence the class will be covered by Mrs Evans, Miss Simpson and Mrs Blackley until I am allowed to return.

We are very happy to welcome 2 new children into the class; Freddie will be joining the Nursery cohort and Molly will join Year One!

We have an exciting learning Context to start the summer term – Dinosaurs!

In Art We will explore cave art, charcoal drawings, sketching and how to tell stories through art.

In Design and TechnologyWe will be tasting and evaluating a range of biscuits, we will amend a simple recipe to include a Fairtrade ingredient, we will bake, taste and evaluate the new biscuit recipe!

In Computing - We will be using Word and searching the Internet to create a Dinosaur Fact File.

In Geography – We will be mapping out the local village, creating maps with keys of the school field and creating a garden on a tin lid!

** We may take the children for a short walk through the village to assist in the village mapping activity, 3 members of staff will accompany the children **

In History – We will explore the world when dinosaurs roamed (this work will closely link with Science work)

In ScienceWe will be investigating the diet and habitats of different dinosaurs; we look at the life processes and begin to classify dinosaurs based on several physical features. We will also begin to investigate what is Living/non-living/never been alive.

In Music – We will sing, explore quiet and loud sounds, we will investigate musical instruments and symbols to record our music.

In PSHE - In Relationships- We will find out about the NSPCC underwear rule, discuss the difference between being unkind, teasing or bullying, find out who can help us, learn how to listen carefully and how to pass on praise!

In Growing and Changing – We will think about things we can do now that we couldn’t when we were babies, think about how to look after a new baby, label external body parts and veins and find out how to keep privates private!

In PE – We will learn how to play hockey and tennis and Rowan will deliver multi-skills each week and after half term Fraser will be back to deliver cricket!

In RE – We will visit our local church to find out about features of a church and church yard and discover what makes St Kentigern’s a special church!

**These visits will take place whenever the weather is suitable and 3 members of staff will accompany the children**


All the routines remain the same, with the exception of Rowan’s session. This has moved to Tuesday afternoon. Cricket will resume after May half term. The doors open at 8.40 am for an 8.55am register. School finishes at 3.30pm.

Homework and Reading

Reception children

All children are well into the routine of reading at home every night. I really cannot stress how important reading is particularly at this early stage of learning. Reading feeds into everything else your child does at school. The children have loved the new reading books we have just bought. Please remember you do not have to finish the reading book, 5 or 10 minutes of reading the book, talking about the characters and what has happened in the story is the perfect amount of time.

Reception children will now receive one piece of homework. They will need an adult to assist with some of the tasks. We will give out spellings and homework on Monday and ask for both to be returned to school by Friday.

Year 1 children

All Year 1 children have reading books to read at home each night, and in addition, weekly homework will be reintroduced and a set of phonic related spellings to learn and practise. We will give out spellings and homework on Monday and ask for both to be returned to school by Friday.


Mrs Evans, Miss Simpson and I (once I return) are always available for a chat at the start or the end of any day and we would urge you to come in and see us at your earliest convenience should you have any concerns, or questions about what is happening at school.

Equally, should you need to speak to us on the telephone, or arrange an appointment to speak confidentially to us, please leave a message with Mrs Lawson and we will contact you as soon as we possibly can. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I shall be checking emails during my absence and will of course respond accordingly.

If there is no one in the main office, please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks for taking the time to read such a lengthy letter and hope that you do find the information helpful.  We are all really looking forward to the term ahead with your children and hope that they all enjoy the curriculum, visits and other exciting opportunities that we have planned for them.

I look forward to seeing everyone as soon as I am able to return or pop in for an interim visit!

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Harrison. 


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