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Class 2 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break and have enjoyed the sunny days, as well as a little bit of normality returning. Perhaps you have even managed to get a haircut! Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy a full term at school with no further closures, albeit with some continuing restrictions on our usual activities.

However, we have a busy term ahead with lots of enjoyable learning planned.  Our topic for the term will be Vicious Vikings. The children will hopefully have been inspired today by a visit from a ”real-life Viking” with lots of hands-on and exciting Viking linked activities to kick-start our topic.

Most of our routines remain the same this term, and are now well established. The children will continue to sit in rows with movement around the classroom kept to a minimum. We will continue to keep the classroom well-ventilated with doors and windows open as much as possible, so please make sure your children are warmly dressed on those deceptively bright but cold spring days! Don’t pack away the vests and fleeces just yet!

During the Easter holiday, Mrs Harrison had an operation and she is recovering at home for the next few weeks. Cover for her absence is in place and we will be in regular contact with her.


We gave the children, and the parents (!), a bit of a break from homework on our return to school in March but we now need to get back to our usual homework routines which will continue as before lockdown.

Maths and English – the children will have a piece of homework for each subject to complete each week, mostly from the red and green homework books we were using in the autumn term. Maths – given out on Monday, to return by Wednesday; English given out on Wednesday to be returned by Friday. Please check that your child knows what they have to do in order to complete the homework task before they begin.

Spellings – please continue to practise spellings regularly through the week, (not just on a Thursday night!) and for children in Year 3 and 4 also practise putting words into sentences and writing definitions as these will also be tested.

Times tables – please continue to practise these regularly – we are aiming for instant recall, out of order! Children in year 3 and 4 might also need a bit of help with the vocabulary used in the questions.

Reading – could I ask that you continue to support your children’s progress in reading by hearing them read regularly through the week? Even if your child is now a fluent reader, it is very important that they continue to share books with you, and even more important that you talk about the book with them asking questions which check their understanding, help develop their inference skills and widen their vocabulary. Children who read regularly with an adult at home make more progress than those who do not. 


We conducted our usual end of term assessments before the Easter holidays. Most children had maintained the progress made during the autumn term.

This term we will be running some targeted after school catch up sessions for a small number of children. If this concerns your child, we will write to you during the course of this week.

National tests for children in Year 2, (SATS), have been cancelled this year and will not take place. Phew!

Vicious Vikings

In Class 2 our focus for each subject area will be as follows:

  • Art: drawings and paintings of carved heads on Viking longships and collage of Viking sea monsters;
  • Computing: creating power points about biomes (linked to our geography topic);
  • D and T: construction – making Viking shields; textiles – making coin purses;
  • Geography: world map, continents and oceans, maps of Viking homelands and settlements, world biomes – what are they and which animals and plants live in them;
  • History: a study of the Vikings, where they came from, their warrior culture, longships and weaponry, invasions and settlements;
  • Music: melodies, scales and percussion;
  • PSHE: healthy relationships, feelings and emotions, valuing difference and growing and changing, (see below for further details);
  • PE: football with Rowan on Fridays, rounders with Mr Harrison (first half term) and cricket with Fraser (second half term);
  • RE: a study of our local church and the religious artefacts inside it;
  • Science: sound – how sounds are made, how we hear sound, factors which affect duration and pitch, sound investigations.


As outlined in our previous letter regarding the introduction of the new statutory Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, here is a list of each of the RSE lessons to be covered within PSHE this term. Should you require further details, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Looking after our special people – ways of maintaining special relationships
  2. Danger or risk – strategies for identifying and managing risk
  3. Body Space – understanding when it is appropriate and inappropriate to allow someone into your body space
  4. How can we solve this problem? – ways of resolving conflict
  5. Friends are special – reasons why friends fall out and ways of making up again
  6. Zeb – understanding prejudice and why some people might be bullied
  7. Relationship tree – positive and healthy relationships
  8. Secret or surprise? - safe and unsafe secrets and identifying who to ask for help
  9. Dan’s Dare – safe and unsafe dares – understanding that no-one should be forced to carry out a dare
  10. Family and Friends – different types of family
  11. Let’s celebrate our difference – what makes us the same and what makes us different
  12. My changing body – Years 3 and 4 only – periods are a normal part of puberty


As you know, last year’s residential was cancelled and pencilled in for June 2021. However, it is still too soon to say whether or not it will go ahead. We are currently awaiting advice from Cumbria County Council and will let parents know as soon as we know anything.

I hope that this newsletter will be useful to you. As ever I am available for a chat at the beginning and end of the school day, so please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any queries or concerns.

If you need to send me an e-mail please do so! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am looking forward to another exciting term with the children and I hope they are too!

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Sweetman

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