Head Teachers Update - February 2021

lynn harrison

Dear Parents and families

Following the exciting news that all schools are to reopen fully on March 8th, I feel I must congratulate the pupils at Irthington Village School! All of the staff are so proud of the children; their enthusiasm and keenness to engage with the online lessons and complete all the work set has been amazing! To be honest, delivering daily literacy, numeracy, spelling and phonics lessons have been the highlight of our day. Seeing the pupils’ eager faces and checking in with the children each day has been just lovely, plus this has been a really effective way to deliver targeted key skills for English, Maths and Spelling.

A special mention must be made to all the parents, grandparents and other family members who have fully supported the children and staff to facilitate the home learning. This has not been an easy task by any measure, but you have all done a remarkable job! So, well done and thank you!

The children in Nursery have completed all the craft activities planned and prepared by Miss Simpson, the children in Mrs Evans’ phonics group have joined in enthusiastically and brought along other family members to enjoy her daily stories.

The Class One children have produced fantastic non-fiction work about the Arctic, using a globe to locate the area, looked at the weather, researched many arctic animals including the polar bear, the snowy owl and the arctic fox. They were given clay to create a polar bear sculpture, which Mrs Harrison cannot wait to see! They have created a fact file on Sir David Attenborough, grown beans and kept diaries and have learned about Ramadan and Mosques and are currently retelling the Easter Story. They have thought carefully about special people and what is fair and unfair.

The Class Two children have been making beautiful folded books about the Tudor Kings and Queens, in Geography, they have made posters and booklets about mountains, coasts and rivers. They have carried out science experiments at home using play dough, parachutes and balloons learning about pushes and pulls and other aspects of forces. In art they have produced Tudor portraits and are currently creating 3D realistic frames for their work. They have been making posters about the 6 major religions of the world. They have all enjoyed listening to Mrs Sweetman reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox and are now writing their own animal stories. They have been thinking about rules and have been writing their own rules to keep healthy and safe.

The children in Class Three have started their historical studies at the battle of Bosworth and progressed through to the reign of Elizabeth the First, creating Tudors roses for a class display. In Art they have looked  at the work of Hans Holbein including a detailed study of ‘ The Field of the Cloth of Gold’, and used his work as inspiration to create a Tudor self portrait in a gilded frame created and constructed with hard board, string, foil and jewels. They have researched Tudor food, clothing, jobs and medicine and are going to investigate Tudor houses and create a 3D model of one using their mathematical nets skills.  When researching Islam they have found out about the 5 pillars, 99 names of Allah, the Qur’an, mosques and festivals including Ramadan. In Geography they have looked at river and mountains, labelling features and have constructed 3D contour maps. Through their investigation of forces, they have conducted a paper helicopter investigation, and then they were challenged to investigate the best parachute shape to deliver a raw egg to the floor unbroken, using fair test and controlled variables. Mr Harrison had too much fun with this particular investigation!!

All children have been asked to keep an exercise diary, we expect at least 2 hours per week of exercise, and we have been checking these as they are returned to school.

In addition to this abundance of home learning many pupils have taken part in the ‘Smarties Challenge’ completing small chores at home to fill an empty tube with small coins to raise funds for the PTA and some pupils are currently taking part in our Fairtrade ‘photo story poster’ competition. Where contestants have to bake a Fairtrade recipe, photographing each stage and create a photo story recipe poster.

It goes without saying that none of this fantastic work would have happened if it were not for the dedication and hard work of all the staff at school. We have really worked hard to ensure that the curriculum has been covered fully during the school closure period, sending home every conceivable resource needed, so that all art, science and other foundation subjects could be delivered and achieved by everyone. So, a huge thank you, to all the staff for yet again, going above and beyond to make home learning as comprehensive, as fun and as enjoyable as possible. It has been a tremendous effort, much appreciated by all.

Roll on March 8th for a full and happy learning environment!

Best wishes,
Lynn Harrison

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