On Thursday 19th March, Class One received a letter in the post from Pretty Polly. She had been captured and taken from our Classroom. She needed us to go and rescue her!

On Wednesday 26th February 2020 Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Dane Herd came into School. He spent 45 minutes in each Class talking to us about which numbers to ring if there was an emergency and what we should do in certain situations.

On Thursday 6th February, 12 children from Class 3 took part in the Primary schools bouldering competition at Eden Rock, Carlisle.

It was a great event and all the children climbed 20 different walls over 5 zones.

On Friday 24th January, a pirate treasure map appeared in Class 1.

We had to put on our wellies and coats and follow the map. We used our direction skills we had been learning in Maths to go forwards, backwards, right turn and left turn.

During the week commencing January 20th Class One looked at the traditional story of Chinese New Year and how each year got their name.

Look at our wonderful advent calendars!

These 6 children have made their own advent calendars during after school club, we had 6 weeks to make our own.

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th November, the whole school took part in 2 full days to look at different things to do with World War 2.

We started off by having a whole school assembly and looked at any artefacts that people brought in.

On Tuesday 26th November, the whole school took part in the annual Christmas Cake Bake.

We creamed butter and sugar together, added flour, eggs, mixed spices, and dried fruit and we stirred the mixture making a wish on our last stir.

Class 3 had a fantastic day at Tullie House Museum!

All the children enjoyed learning more about the Stone Age, handling Stone Age artefacts, and exploring the rest of the museum.

Four members of our Fairtrade committee were lucky enough to be invited to a civic reception with the mayor to celebrate 25 years of Fairtrade and the renewal of Carlisle’s status as a Fairtrade city. Look at all that gold!

On Monday 23rd September, Nat came into school to teach us how to play Wheelchair Basketball. The whole school went out in little groups and had lots of fun!

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