Birds of Prey

On Friday 5th February 2016 we had a visit from some birds of prey. There were two owls: a Barn Owl which we know is ‘nocturnal’ and a Eagle Owl which we learnt was ‘diurnal’. Their claws are called ‘talons’ which are designed for catching their prey.

Spooky Teeth and Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Class 1 made Spooky Teeth and Halloween Spider Cupcakes using an egg free cake recipe, (recipe below, we adapted it for cupcakes) We pretended that the pureed beetroot was dragon’s blood!

ROTA kids Halloween fundraiser for Guide Dogs

“We raised over £80 with biscuits, quiz sheets and coming to school in our Halloween costumes.  We couldn’t raise this sort of money without you so thank you. From Matthew, Piper, Thomas and Jake”

Fairtrade Sign Design Competition Winner

‘Thank you to everyone who took part in our Fairtrade sign design competition.

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